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Huggies GoodNites

So you’ve finally got your child toilet trained but now they’re going through a bedwetting phase? The good news is, bedwetting usually takes care of itself with time. The better news is, Huggies® GoodNites® underpants provide discreet and absorbent protection for children aged 5–15, so you can both get a good night’s sleep.


Best used with NEW! Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes.

Product benefits
  • Keeps your child dry through the night

    Huggies® GoodNites® underpants use our trusted leak lock system – the unique protection layer draws wetness away and locks it in the super absorbent core.

  • Lets your child sleep comfortably

    With leak guards that fit securely around the legs, there’s no leakage no matter what position your child sleeps in or how much they toss and turn.

  • Looks and feels just like the underwear

    Huggies® GoodNites® underpants are designed to look like underwear, right down to the colourful graphics printed on them. The elastic waistband and soft, stretchy sides ensure a snug, discreet fit.

Find the right size for your child

Sizes Weight Range Pack Details
S-M 4 to 7 years
17 to 30 Kg
37 to 66 lbs
L-XL 8 to 15 years
27 to 57 Kg
60 to 126 lbs