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Huggies Little Swimmers

Playing in the water isn’t much fun for you if you’re taking your child to the toilet every 15 minutes. And it’s not much fun for your baby if their diaper swells up and weighs them down. Huggies® Little Swimmers® keep embarrassing accidents out of the water and put the fun back into it.


Best used with NEW! Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes.

Product benefits
  • Contains messes without swelling up

    Made of unique absorbent material, Huggies® Little Swimmers® swim pants let your baby move freely in the water. The stretchy sides and waistband ensure a snug fit and elastic side guards give added protection against leaks.

  • Fits just like a swim suit

    Huggies® Little Swimmers® come in bright, vibrant colours with fun designs. Just pull them on and have a splashing good time. The easy open sides mean wet swim pants come off quickly when it’s time to head home.

Find the right size for your child

Sizes Weight Range Pack Details
S 7 to 12 Kg (6-26 lbs) 12
M 11 to 15 Kg (24-33 lbs) 11
L over 14 Kg (over 31 lbs) 10