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NEW! Huggies Ultra Pants

When your curious baby starts exploring their world, there’s no holding them back. Huggies® Ultra Pants pull up like underwear, making diaper changes quicker and easier. We also tested* more than 1,000 Asian babies to ensure a superior fit that keeps your little one as comfortable as possible while providing him with better leakage protection. What's more, Huggies® Ultra Pants comes in a specific frontal-absorbent designs for boys and central-absorbent designs for girls.

Best used with NEW! Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes.

*Huggies® has studied over 1,000 Asian babies to deliver Huggies® Ultra Pants, designed specially to fit Asian baby contours.

Product benefits
  • Easy to put on and take off

    Huggies® Ultra Pants are designed to be pulled on like underwear and taken off like a diaper. The easy open sides make removal quick and easy. They are also refastenable so you can adjust them to fit your baby.

  • Made for movement

    The slim and flexible design allows your baby to move freely. The stretchy waistband and sides hug your active baby snugly even through the most energetic movements.

  • Keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours

    Our new slim absorbent core technology has superior absorbency that keeps your baby dry overnight but is slim and flexible so it isn’t bulky and won’t restrict your baby.

  • Tells you when its time for a change

    The wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue, so you’ll know when your baby needs a diaper change.

  • Has superior leak protection

    The double layered leakage protection bands around the legs provide a comfortable underwear-like fit and guard against leaks from the sides.

  • Looks just like underwear

    Huggies® Ultra Pants come in cool blue prints for little boys and sweet pink prints for little girls. They fit discreetly under your baby’s clothes, just like underwear.

  • Helps keep your baby free from diaper rash

    Our dry and breathable diapers are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash. The soft, textured pad pulls pee and runny poop quickly away from your baby’s skin.

Find the right size for your baby

Sizes Weight Range Pack Details
S 4-8 kg 68’s
M 6-12 kg 56’s
L 9-14 kg 44’s
XL 12-17 kg 38’s
XXL 15-25 kg 32’s