4 Cool Things Your Baby Learns When He Copies You

Your simple hand gestures and facial expressions actually play an important role in your baby's development.

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When your baby was born, all he ever did was eat and sleep. But now that your little one has reached the tender age of 3-5 months, his brain is absorbing all sorts of stimulation like a sponge. It's very important to make sure you expose him to activities that will help his senses develop.

You are your baby's first teacher – which means whatever he sees you doing, will become his example. Here are a couple of cool things your baby learns when he copies you.

He learns to make sounds

Your little one adds new sounds to his language everyday. When he hears something new from you, his brain makes new connections. Talking to him a lot will help stimulate his mind and build his vocabulary. Repeating sounds to him over and over can also help him be familiar with things through the sounds they make. At 5 months, your baby can also respond to his name.

He shows a range of emotions

Apart from sounds, your child also learns about all sorts of emotions based on your facial expressions. Don't stop at making faces just because you think you look silly. When your baby copies you, he learns how to express himself through the range of emotions you show him.

He learns about cause and effect

When your little one tries to copy what you do, he gets a reaction from you. This encourages him to copy you more. He learns that when he does something, he gets something as a response. Those moments your child copies you also serves as your mini bonding moment with him.

He slowly becomes independent

After your baby has discovered what he can do through imitation, he slowly grows to understand that he has control. He becomes aware than he can do a couple of things that push him to try a few other things – this time, on his own. He starts to explore, wander and learn his limits.

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